Silversea Luxury Cruise Discover the Arctic

Charting the Arctic: The Extraordinary Northwest and Northeast Passages

Bravely pioneered by the legendary explorers of yesteryear, the Northwest and Northeast passages are among the world’s most intrepid voyages. These remarkable expeditions journey into the furthest reaches of the Arctic Circle and chart the isolated waters of both the Russian and North American high Arctic, respectively. Both routes have long held a spell over the most adventurous of travelers. They continue to entice those with a passion for discovery, exploration and the inspiring beauty of Mother Nature.

The Northwest Passage crosses through crystal clear glaciers in the northern reaches of Canada, traveling from Greenland to Alaska. En route to the sites of Franklin and Amundsen’s famous voyages, guests often encounter polar bears, seals, narwhals and, more rarely, walrus in their natural habitats while learning about the history, geology and botany of this spectacular area, too.

Silversea will traverse the Northeast Passage for the first time in August 2019, when Silver Explorer retraces another Amundsen voyage, as well as those of other famous explorers like Nordenskiöld. As guests encounter islands that few people on Earth will ever be fortunate enough to visit, they’ll experience dramatic scenery and observe resilient wildlife across the Russian high Arctic, while also encountering fascinating local cultures in Chukotka.

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