Silversea 2021 World Cruises

For the first time Silversea introduces two World Cruises, “The Finest” and “The Uncharted”, each designed to bring you the authentic beauty of the world in the way you want to experience it.

Reserve a suite on one of the 2021 World Cruises, before they are available to the public. Act now to reserve your next unique Silversea Experience.

What are you looking for when it comes to exploring the world?

Is it slowing down time, deepening connections, and indulging in the world’s pleasures? Is it adrenaline, discovery, and the privilege of being the first to see or do one thing? In 2021 the world is up to you. You will enjoy the privilege of choosing between two world cruises, each designed to bring you the best of the world in the way you dream of experiencing it.

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