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Southern Australia to South

This sweeping journey highlights four Southeast Asian countries, with overnight stays in Bangkok, Thailand; Sihanoukville, Cambodia; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Hong Kong, China.

Southern Australia to South Africa

Twenty day cruise traces the southern coasts of two great continents, visiting Sydney, Tasmania, Perth, Durban, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique and more.

Arrive in Sydney and embark your ship. The capital of Australian New South Wales is celebrated for its magnificent natural harbor, the world’s largest. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains on the edge of the blue Pacific, Sydney is blessed with a natural setting few cities in the world can rival. Settle in to your veranda stateroom, and explore this culture-rich and much-loved city.

Cruise along the coast of New South Wales on the edge of the Tasman Sea. Explore the fabled island of Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state, named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. The capital, Hobart, was founded as a penal colony for some 300 inmates. Today, it is a charming city with a mild climate and a picturesque natural setting on the banks of the Derwent River. Its historic neighborhoods and traditional pubs are best explored on foot.

Discover Melbourne, capital of the Australian state of Victoria. During its heyday, it was one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world. Today, you can uncover the cultural and historic treasures of, by some accounts, the most livable city in the world during a tour of its highlights.

You will call on Adelaide, defined proudly by its residents as one of the “most livable cities in the world.” Unlike other Australian cities, the capital of South Australia was not initially established as a penal colony. Its early inhabitants were religious German refugees, hence Adelaide was nicknamed “City of Churches” soon after its founding. Today, the city is known for its cultural festivals and its refined flair.

On the stunning rocky coast of southwestern Australia lies Albany, the oldest city on the West Coast. What began as a military outpost became a jumping-off point for prospectors bound for the Eastern Goldfields. During World War I, Albany was where warships bound for Europe started their journey. Today, the city is a hub for the exploration of the natural scenery of the region. Enjoy time to independently explore the city and its museums.

Combining an easygoing lifestyle with a booming economy that drives modern development, Perth sports a skyline of gleaming office towers and miles of stunning, sandy beaches. Fremantle, the city’s port, has a bohemian flair and is true to its nautical roots, providing a colorful counterpoint to Perth’s more polished image. Today on your included tour, enjoy a visit to one of the world’s largest inner-city parks.

Immerse yourself in the buzz of Fremantle’s street scene among an eclectic mix of street musicians, trendy cafés and vibrant markets. Or discover Perth’s history as a former penal colony where Britain deported its most notorious criminals during the mid-1800s. An influx of more than 9,000 prisoners dramatically changed the social and economic dynamics of the city. Many prisoners were involved in the infrastructure development of Freemantle and Perth, including work on the Fremantle Prison, Government House, Perth Town Hall, the Cloisters and the Swan River Mechanics’ Institute.

Cruise the Indian Ocean to the island of Madagascar is renowned for its diversity of flora and fauna, with a great number of endemic species making any exploration of its natural world an experience full of surprises. The iconic lemur and the baobab tree are well known beyond the island, but there are many more unique plants, trees and animals to discover. Madagascar’s culture was influenced by the French during the colonial period, but indigenous African traditions still run deep. Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery and exotic wildlife as you explore this stunning island.

As you head toward the East African coast, enjoy a culturally enriching lecture on board about your next destination. Discover the roots of colonial Africa, its diverse food and culture and the inspiring story of “Father of the Nation,” Nelson Mandela. Then, keep fit at sea with your ship’s fitness amenities.

Portuguese colonists followed an unsuccessful attempt by the Dutch to establish a presence on the shores of what is now Maputo Bay. Mozambique’s capital city carries its Portuguese heritage on its sleeve—in the architecture, the language and its food. Blended with diverse African traditions and customs, its colonial past gives the city a flair all its own. See the iconic railway station built in the early 20th century or visit the city’s many markets, and immerse yourself in Maputo’s colorful and inviting urban fabric.

Looking out across the Indian Ocean to the east, Durban is a melting pot of cultures. Mosques, temples and churches line the streets, restaurants cater to Indian, Arabian and African tastes alike and shops carry goods from all over the world. The frenzied pace of life in the central business district is offset by a more gentle pace along the beautiful, newly renovated waterfront that offers sweeping views across the water. Enjoy a visit to the city’s lush botanical gardens, and a tour of Durban’s key highlights, on your included tour.

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