Top Reasons to Use a Real Travel Agent

  1. YOU WERE PRETTY SMART: after asking a travel agent for prices on three different cruises, you went online and booked your own, thinking you might save money. You didn’t realize until you got on the ship, however, that you weren’t getting all the amenities and shipboard credits you were expecting. It turns out that those credits were only available through the travel agent’s network.
  2. YOU BOOKED AN ENTIRE HOUSE: visiting San Fransisco, you booked Airbnb without realizing that Airbnb hosts can cancel reservations close to your arrival for any reason – and they did.
  3. YOU ARRANGED YOUR FAMILY’S VACATION when your daughter could not come on the trip, you asked your niece to join you. The security agent at the gate was very nice when she explained what the airline ticketing rules are, but that didn’t help when your niece could come. Who knew it would be so difficult to navigate all of the travel industry lingo?
  4. THE HOTEL YOU BOOKED ONLINE said that your room was located in the villa section of the resort, so you thought you were getting a villa. Turns out that you were in a regular guestroom in a “villa” with 16 other rooms.
  5. YOU ASSUMED THE REMOTE CITY you flew into late at night would have Uber service. You didn’t arrange for a hotel transfer and ended up sleeping in the airport.
  6. YOU ARE DONE TALKING TO PEOPLE and reserved your annual vacation on your phone. You did not notice it was nonrefundable, no matter what. It was painful when you could not go.
  7. THINGS WERE GOING REALLY WELL: at the airport there were “cancelled” signs on every flight. Your fellow passengers got on the phone with their travel agents to rebook the trip. You didn’t use a travel agent and could only email the “info@...” and didn’t hear back for two days.
  8. YOU WERE SO EXCITED about the getaway with a group of your best friends. You booked you own travel. Turns out everyone else got a free breakfast included. The website you used did not offer that. It was an expensive trip.
  9. ON THAT SAME GETAWAY, all of your friends got upgraded to suites – again, because of their amazing travel agent. When you got to the front desk, the attendant handed you a keycard to a guestroom overlooking the parking lot.
  10. THAT WOMAN AT THE PTA MEETING said she was a travel agent. After asking her to book your family reunion with her, she tried to get you to join her travel group for only $100. You never did get your trip arranged. Next time you will use a travel agent from a recognized network.

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