About Us

Owners, Jerry and Robyn Downer are Mr. and Mrs. Cruise…

We have cruised on every major cruise line and are both Clia appointed Master Cruise Counselors.

When you contact us, whether it be for a cruise, air fare, personalized tours, vacation rentals, overnighter getaways you get us, Jerry and Robyn and not an hourly employee only interested in making the sale. We, personally, help you decide which cruise and cruise line best fits your dreams and your lifestyle. We help you co-ordinate the air, transfers, pre and post hotels, pre-cruise immigration forms, making sure your passport is up to date, shore excursions and even visas when needed.

On all major cruise lines.. the base price remains the same. Internet agencies are not allowed to charge you less than the price set by the cruise line so often after using their “Bait ‘n’ switch” tactics you find yourself locked into something completely different than what you wanted with a non-refundable deposit.. no personal service, no help. Only sell you and forget you.

With us, we are there to help you decide which cruise, cruise line and destination are best for you. From the time that you commit until the time you return, we are available 24/7 to help you in all matters. Toll free lines to call us whenever you have a question or concern.